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Tick season is here. What do I do?

"Ticks are everywhere! What can we do?" I hear this on a daily basis in the office, as everyone seems to be pulling them from dogs, cats, kids and themselves. After a winter that was relatively mild here in the Northeast, the tick population is exploding and they are coming at us from every angle. Here are some relatively easy to implement solutions to help keep you and your yard as tick-free as possible. At home: 1.  Keep your grass mowed. Ticks love long blades of grass, that bring them across a lawn quickly and comfortably! Trim weeds around the edges and keep the area clean. Messy piles of leaves or debris attract rodents, who in turn bring ticks with them. 2.  Create a barrier between you, the place you...

What are your beaver dams?

What are your beaver dams? I realize, as the months go by, that there are a lot of questions about the bio-energetic assessments I provide in my office. So here is how it works: Do you ever bring your car in to the dealership? Maybe it is for a scheduled tune-up or maybe it is because something is making a weird noise, or just not working well. Almost all cars these days get hooked up to a computer scanning their system and giving the mechanic information about the state of the engine and the general functioning of the car. It is an assessment tool he uses to determine the best course of action. The mechanic, in agreement with his client, will then decide what to do: change the oil, fix...

Did you know that Essential Oils can help with Weight Loss?

The sense of smell and of taste are key to successful weight management. Slique™ Essential Oil Blend, with its exotic aroma and enticing citrus flavors, appeals to both senses and provides health benefits when added to the Slique™ Tea. But it is the individual oils contained within Slique™ Essence that, by their nature, promote the release of unwanted pounds. The Citrus Oils of Slique™ Essence. The juice from citrus fruit is beneficial in ways that differ from the oil of the citrus. Citrus oils are not distilled from the pulp, but from the zest (peel) of the fruit. In addition to alkalizing the body, the citrus oils can also be used in massage for releasing petrochemicals from fat cells and removing unwanted cellulite. Slique™ Essence Blend contains...